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Welcome to this page dedicated to Private French Tutoring in Paris, France.

We guarantee high quality French language instructions, a friendly learning atmosphere and a modern teaching space in the heart of Paris.

As a French language teacher based in Paris, Tanguy offers highly personalised lessons that are tailored to every individual’s needs and objectives. The content of the private French lessons vary depending on your goal, but each French class remains well-structured and purposeful. You can decide to work with your French tutor on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension skills so that you speak French fluently with confidence. In turn, you select the format of your French lessons in Paris:

Additionally, Tanguy’s fluency in English makes it easy to communicate with him about lexical, grammatical, and cultural aspects of the French language. His specialization in linguistics and phonetics allows him to deconstruct difficult grammar concepts and compare French grammar to English.

With years of experience teaching French to professionals of all levels, Tanguy has developed a proven track record of success from individuals ranging from international employees to expats living in Paris.




Private French TEACHER in Paris

With six years of teaching experience, including two at the prestigious University of Birmingham, UK, Tanguy currently teaches French to renowned individuals, international CEOs, politicians and expats. As a specialist in linguistics and phonetics, Tanguy’s fluency in four other languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian) enables him to teach French using multiple linguistic perspectives, creating a personalised and excellent learning experience.



    My name is Tanguy and I am a private French teacher in Paris, France. I was born near Paris and I grew up in more than 12 cities throughout France.

    I completed my BA in linguistics in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and then decided to pursue an MA in linguistics and phonetics at the University of Toulouse, France. Throughout my academic studies, I have conducted research projects in linguistics in France and the United Kingdom. I have built scientific corpora and contributed to the analysis of the French language varieties.

    Moreover, I taught French to BA and MA students at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom for 2 years. I was also a private French tutor in Paris and Birmingham to pupils applying for the University of Oxford and Birmingham. Back in France, I have helped students successfully apply for business schools and aviation schools, including the prestigious Air France academy in Toulouse, France. Finally, I have helped international employees at Airbus, Sanofi, Bloomberg, Bank of America and other companies to improve their French language skills in professional situations.

    As a private French teacher in Paris with 6 years teaching experience, I have helped over 100 students reach their goals in French. From absolute beginners to advanced learners, my private French lessons have allowed my students to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


Before working as a private French teacher in Paris, I specialised in linguistics and phonetics in two recognised world-wide universities.

• MA in linguistics and phonetics | Toulouse, France (with honours)

• BA in linguistics | Birmingham, United Kingdom (with honours)


I have acquired an excellent teaching experience in prestigious universities that made me become an experienced private French teacher in Paris.

• Current private French tutor in Paris 

• French teacher at the University of Birmingham for 2 years, United Kingdom

• French translator and product specialist in an international bank in Budapest, Hungary

• Financial and marketing copywriter in Budapest, Hungary

• Private French teacher at CSC-Consulting, World Academy and Langues Performance which are international companies in Toulouse, France


As a private French teacher in Paris, I have worked with notorious, respected CEOs, consultants and expats while living up to their expectations.

• CEO of a publishing company in London (London, United Kingdom)
• Private secretary of the government (London, United Kingdom)
• CEO of a real estate agency in Saint Barth (French oversea territory)
• Employees working in pharmaceutical companies, including Sanofi and Richter (Toulouse, France)
• Employees working at Airbus, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers (Toulouse, France)
• British expats living in Dordogne, Lot, Tarn, Gironde and Aude (France)
• University students completing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in French at the University of Birmingham (Birmingham, UK)
• PhD students from Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary)
• Students getting into aviation schools, including Air France (Toulouse, France) Students studying at Toulouse Business School (Toulouse, France) Students wishing to take French language exams, including the DELF, DALF and TEF Canada at World Academy and Langues Performance (Toulouse, France)
  • French and international pupils in secondary schools and high schools wishing to get into prestigious educational institutions such as Lycée Pierre de Fermat and Lycée Ozenne (Toulouse, France)

  • Pupils planning to get into Oxford and Cambridge (Birmingham, UK)

  • Children at King’s College School, Wimbledon (London, UK)